School Parent Communication App

The importance of effective parent teacher collaboration in nurturing a student to realize her innate potential can never be over emphasized. Instant, direct and clear communication between school and parents is a vital aspect of this ongoing process. Mobile sutra has developed an innovative product that provides the crucial communication bridge between parents and educational institutes.
The solution consists of mobile applications along with web-based interface. It is designed so that it seamlessly merges into your current work systems and does not add to the existing workload. It does not require any changes in the present data formats. A freely downloadable mobile app on parent’s smart phone gets all-relevant information about the student.
The mobile app works on any Android and IOS based smart phones. The modular structure allows your institute to partially implement the features. The software is flexible enough to accommodate new features for your institute.

Individual and Relative Performance

The year on year progress of the child makes you think about incompleteness of yearly progress report. Providing comparison of marks of your child with class topper and class average in each subject from standard I to X using a simple line graph is algorithmically challenging task. The analysis of this BIG DATA is crucial for planning improvement about teaching methodology etc . Parents also gets more insight into real strengths of the child.


The calendar is a simple way to tell parents about school events. It also helps school to share photos of the events with parents. This helps the school to communicate about good things happening in the school. This feature also allows Parent to set alarm for few critical events like parents meeting and result day.


This optional feature helps school to communicate alerts to parents about absents . The alerts are sent using either text or push notifications. Automatic sync facility recreates bar graph of present days in each month.


This helps school in timely communicating happenings in school. Reminding about meetings , bus delays etc. Option of push notification and SMS text for individual student in the school makes this feature unique. Facility of attaching pdf files in notices helps school to communicate big circulars also.


Simple daily and weekly view of the time table is provided. Updates are managed easily using excel upload facility.

School Bus Alerts

This is a novel, secure, flexible and easily configurable platform for getting text Alerts when the bus arrives at preferred location. Parents can login to this web site to subscribe for alerts they need when the school bus arrives to the expected stop. The alerts are sent by either text or using push notification in the school-parent communication app.
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